Tuesday, June 25, 2013

'Miss You Can Do It' party

We watched the HBO premier of 'Miss You Can Do It' with Blue Gold Buddies and celebrated all night! 

This movie was amazing! It inspired you to reach for your dreams because anything is possible if you try. 

The people we met were amazing and we became instant friends with many families!

I was so excited to see myself on TV, but my family was even more happy. Everyone cheered each time they got a peak of me on the screen. 

I hope I get a chance to meet all of my friends from the 'Miss You Can Do It' again sometime soon!

There were a couple scenes where I was in the background like me sitting with Mommy waiting for my interview and getting ready with Mommy below. Also if you watch close at the end you'll see my daddy in the audience in a green shirt.

Thank you 'Miss You Can Do It' and Abbey Curran! This is a memory my family and I will never forget!

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