Friday, July 19, 2019

Kayla’s 1st IM swim

Anything is possible, if you believe it’s possible. It’s even more possible when others believe in you.

Just seven weeks ago this girl only knew how to doggie paddle.  She has always loved the water but never took lessons to learn how to swim.  We joined swim team thinking it would be great exercise.  We never expected to join a swim family that cheers each other on the way the Riptide team does.

This girl has been competing by swimming a 25 (one lap) all season.  She has watched others doing the IM and wanted to do, too.  The IM is a 100 (4 laps, 1 of each stroke).  I was nervous but she was confident.

She entered the pool with a smile.  She swam her heart out, with a smile on her face.  As she was finishing her IM every single swimmer in the pool and the spectators cheered her on.  She finished with a smile and unmatched confidence.  

She believed she could, so she did.  Get your tissues ready.  

Thank you, Coach, for believing in her.  Thank you Delaware Riptide Aquatics family and Shomen for being encouragers.

Monday, July 15, 2019

She is a champion
A champion. 
The definition is one who has defeated or surpassed all.  But perhaps that doesn’t necessarily mean the one that is the best or finished first.  Perhaps that means the one that knows the odds are stacked against them and does it anyway.  Perhaps that means the one that finishes last, but finishes with a sense of pride and accomplishment.  Perhaps that means to compete and be content and happy with your efforts, win or lose.
She is a champion.  This girl is a true champion.  She has taught more people the meaning of appreciating your talents and celebrating all efforts than anyone I know.  She shows up.  She makes no excuses.  She gives it her all.  Every. Single. Day. She has an injury?  She swims anyway.  It’s raining?  She swims anyway.  Doesn’t know the stroke that well?  She swims anyway.
The celebration.  The victory.  It’s in her face.  In her spirit.  She is a champion.  Touching the wall last with not one swimmer left in the pool and she is the champion.  Why?   The lessons she has taught to those watching and the joy she radiates by being a part of a team.  And that team?  They are amazing encouragers...cheering her on and loving on her like teammates should but don’t always do.  Would it benefit the team more if she placed 1-3?  Perhaps that depends on how you look at it.  For the overall score of the meet?  Yes, absolutely.  For the lessons taught of being a true champion, never giving up, and being grateful for the journey? Never. That is Kayla’s gift.  The gift of sharing with the world how to celebrate and find joy in the journey, despite the outcome.  For this and so many other reasons, she is a champion.