Friday, June 21, 2013

Look for me in "Miss You Can Do It" - HBO Documentary

Look for me in a documentary called "Miss You Can Do It" airing Monday 6/24 on HBO at 9PM EST.

I was super lucky to be a participant in this amazing event! I loved every minute of it and my family is so grateful to Abbey Curran and the organizers of the Miss You Can Do It pageant for allowing us to have this special memory and for advocating that all girls are beautiful and glamorous!

We all felt like superstars that day. I got a trophy for the evening gown category, but most of all I celebrated with all of my new Miss You Can Do It pageant family in a 3 day event that we will never forget.

We haven't seen the documentary yet but it has already premiered at film festivals in Miami, Hollywood, and Chicago. Although I am not one of the main 8 girls that were featured in the film, friends told me they saw me in the movie and said I looked cute! Look for me in the pageant scenes. Some pictures from the event are posted below and there's a complete overview from my mommy at the following link:

My mommy blogged about my experience in the pageant and all of the amazing people I met. 

So be sure to watch for me and all of my gorgeous pageant friends in "Miss You Can Do It" on HBO!

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