Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A special visit from Governor Markell before school

One of my favorite people in Delaware is Governor Jack Markell. We've hung out together a bunch of times and we are great friends! Our latest visit happened on my 2nd day of 2nd grade...
I was riding to school with Mommy and Logan. Mommy parked and walked with me to the sidewalk from the parking lot when I heard someone shout "Kayla!" I looked ahead and it was Governor Markell calling my name and he had flowers in his hand (turns out he was welcoming people to school and was giving everyone flowers, but that is beside the point). I ran to him leaving Mommy and Logan behind and he lifted me up and we chatted before I headed into school for my 2nd day of 2nd grade. He asked me if I had a good summer and what I did over the summer. Having school in mind, I told him I did a lot of reading and writing! Then I also remembered to say I went to the beach a lot. He said that seeing me always puts a smile on his face and he even said that he still has my picture on his desk at work! He ended by telling me and my mommy that if there ever is anything he can do for us don't hestitate to call him - seriously. What a great guy! I left Governor Markell to go to school, but came home to a surprise. It turns out that CBS news was there filming the events of the day and video of me and the Governor made it on the evening news. So cool!

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