Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sleep Study

I survived my very first sleep study with a smile on my face and my Mommy by my side. I was a rock star! I had so much fun I didn't wan to leave! ... Now to get the goop out of my hair...

Kayla did amazing with her sleep study. She asked the nurse 101 questions about the wires, stickers and such. But was completely cooperative and happy. She fell asleep in 10 minutes. They only had to come in four times throughout the night to reconnect the wires. Kayla woke up excited to have had a sleep over with Mommy. She wants to go back to the hospital for more "beauty rest as a princess". My girl is just amazing... She handles anything life throws her way with a smile on her face (I was a bit nervous seeing her all wired up but she thought it was great - lol). Thank you to all of our friends who sent great advice and pictures... You are the best!!!

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